7 reasons why you need a website

7 reasons why you need a website

1. Increase Customer Potential

A web site will expose your business to a larger number of prospective customers and increase the size of your targeted customer base. The web site will make your business available to a larger number of consumers and expose your products and services to a greater variety of potential customers. Effective internet usage creates many bridges by using social networks, directories, and advertising that all point back to your destination: A well designed, well written, website.

2. Increase Your Profile

With a professional web site, customers see your business as more professional, dynamic, modern, and better able to serve their needs. Businesses without a web site are often perceived by potential customers as small and inept. Even worse, a business with an unprofessional web page design will seem uncertain and unprofessional. What will potential customers think if your competitors all have a beautiful web site design and all you have is a Facebook page?

3. Promote Your Business 24/7

Customers can access your web site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can read about your products and services when it is convenient for them–quite often, long after you have locked up and gone home. An effective web site design can efficiently answer customer inquiries all day and night, not to mention sell you while you sleep!

4. Don’t get left behind

Chances are, you completion has a website- The amount of businesses with a website are on the rise.  You cannot afford to NOT have a website, because chances are your competition already has a website. If not get in ahead of the rest!

5. Target Potential Customers

Customers who visit your web site are interested in your products and services. They have found your site via Google, or you shared it on Twitter, Facebook or other networking sites. They are ready to make a purchasing decision. Your business promotion is effective when your web site is viewed by interested potential customers.

6. A Website is one the cheapest forms of advertising

Technological advances have made small business web development more affordable than ever before. Spruce up your advertising through affordable web design and receive a greater return on your investment when compared to the cost of advertising on radio and television, in newspapers, or in the Yellow Pages.

7. Market Effectively

Web site design does not limit the volume of content that you can present to potential customers. Other types of promotional media such as print, radio, and television, charge fees by the word or second. A six-page web site allows you to fully explain your business, products, and services. You can tell potential customers about your staff, qualifications, existing clients, completed projects, or just about anything that will benefit your business.

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